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Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns - Break Me Down

Didn't take me long doing this, but somedays I just couldn't be arsed! =P Most of you may notice the scene I added of when Ash/Satoshi says goodbye to his Butterfree in the episode "Bye Bye Butterfree": When I 1st saw the part in Mewtwo Returns of the flock of Butterfree, it reminded me of Ash's/Satoshi's Butterfree & I just had to put that final scene of the two Butterfees in it - That always made me sad when I watched that as a kid, It still does... ='( This is a tribute to Pokemon, Mewtwo & Red - Mewtwo & Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Gamefreak. SONG: "Break Me Down" - Red CLIPS: Pokemon Episode - "Bye Bye Butterfree!", Origin Of Mewtwo, Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns. First Uploaded: Youtube.

Posted by hyper-shan on April 13, 2009 at 6:54 AM 878 Views

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