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Welcome to MY world!

Well for starters... HI!! Welcome to my site!

I'm a hardcore gamer & an Otaku (massive Anime fan)!

So, What's up then?

I draw pictures & upload them here & DeviantART. So far I'm continuing on my Fan Pokemon Project as well as my stick manga series, Stick Genocide.

I also make AMV's & upload them on Youtube & here, although you'll be able to see more videos here since Youtube keeps taking some videos off - I just use Windows Movie Maker for my videos (I don't have SonyVegas or anything like that, & don't really need to).

UPCOMING VIDEOS: (Not in any order)
1.[AMV] Naruto VS Sasuke 2 - Navras (Juno Reactor VS. Don Davis)
2.[AMV] Alien VS. Predator - Zwitter (Rammstein)
3.[Non AMV] Were-Hog Sonic theme - Sun Doesn't Rise (Mushroomhead)
4.[AMV] Naruto - Endless Possibilities (Bowling For Soup)
5.[AMV] Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns - Break Me Down (Red)
6.[AMV] Pokémon 4Ever: Voice Of The Forest - Hollow (Submersed)
7.[AMV] Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Ten Thousand Fists (Disturbed)
8. [Non AMV] Sonic The Hedgehog theme (Fan made) - Anthem (Zebrahead)

Recent Videos

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